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There is a ridiculous trend running rampant among advertisers that is cutting into profits. Even billion dollar companies who spend millions on advertising are making this mistake. It's a classic. They are putting form before function.

For some reason it's "cool" to write your domain name in all lowercase letters even when it contains several words strung together. This makes it hard to read. For example, which is easier to read? or

Clearly, it's the latter. Our brains are trained to recognize words separated by spaces. Since domain names can't have a space, we should use capital letters as visual cues.

There's another issue that bugs me. People stopped putting the "www" in front of their website address. Why? Perhaps because it's really not needed in the browser these days. I say, "so what?"

The "www" is a visual cue that enables to the reader to spot your website quickly and easily. Without it the user has to scan the end of each word to look for .com, .net, etc., which is annoying to say the least and difficult when you're in a hurry. If the user doesn't spot your website address quickly, he's probably just going to move on to the next ad.

We measure the success of advertising by response rate percentages. Only a fraction of people who see your ad respond to it. A smart marketer never intentionally makes it difficult for a potential customer to reach his website.

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